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Best Headlamp for the Farm - Farmers Ranchers Homesteaders

Whether its airing up or changing a tire in the dark, extending the work day or addressing an emergency, this has hands-down been the best tool for work activities after dark.

Many summers, we get up early -work- and then rest during the heat of the day to get up and work again through the evening. Good lighting makes that possible. Roadside vehicle issues, maintaining your vehicle or working on it at home where more light would be helpful, this item has fit the bill for our family and farm.

A funny story, we were hiking out to the barn one summer evening in the dark and the ground was glistening. None of our other headlamps had made the ground *sparkle* before. Some of you will already know where this is going, but each little sparkle was a set of spider eyes from all the little wolf spiders.

Another cool thing we liked about this headlamp over others was the range. It has a wide beam for close up, and a spotlight beam for distance. I can see across the ravine adjacent to our pasture hill beyond, a good 20 acres away I would say. Nothing like seeing the coyote eyes at night.

A few other details to note:

  • Cost; They are definitely more expensive than any headlamps we'd bought in past, BUT we have been very happy with our purchase. They've both (we have two, one for each of us) held up 2 years now and we only had to replace the rechargeable lithium battery in one of them during that time. Meanwhile, we would've gone through and replaced several cheaper ($30 range) headlamps during this time.

  • They're BRIGHT. If you're working with a buddy, do them a favor and aim your lamp down so as not to blind them.

  • Keep them charged up so they're ready when you need them. They take a C-port connector.

  • We consider them to be an 'investment' tool for our farm & ranch, as well as personal use. Something that costs more (about $99 range) but is durable and helpful enough to carry its financial weight over time and saves or makes us money by being useful and helpful by saving us valuable time.

We've tried a lot of headlamps over the years. This one by Fenix has been the best BY FAR. Hands down, in our opinion this is the best headlamp for farmers, ranchers and homesteaders.

rechargeable headlamp on Amazon
Fenix Headlamp

As always, you can search and find this on your own. If you'd like to use our link our farm gets a small portion of the sale via the seller. We ONLY recommend products we ourselves use, have used for awhile, and believe to be of great quality.

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