This is to place a pre-order reservation for Cornish Rock male chicks. Available to pick-up starting June.


Cornish Rock or 'Cornish Cross/X' are the fast growth meat birds, often ready to butcher at about 8 weeks of age. Males mature about 2 weeks ahead of females, reducing feed cost and production time.


They are DIFFERENT that layer breeds and require a higher protein diet along with dietary restrictions in place to prevent overfeeding during their fast growth. If you're new to raising meat birds, please make sure to do some research ahead as raising them like you would any other chick will kill them. You are responsible for their care after leaving our farm, a little knowledge goes a long way to raising healthy meat birds.


Take a look next time you're at the grocery store, finding pasture-raised food is hard to come by and 'free range' 'organic' 'cage free' and other terms have been coined by industrial Ag to mean less than we think they do as consumers. Raise your own food in a humane, healthy way, knowing exactly the care and nutrients that went into producing your food. 


Chicks will be available for pick-up by Appointment at our farm gate following renewal by CDFA of our permit for this year. We're excited to be able to offer you chicks again, after what's been a wild Covid ride.


Chick fulfillment will be June 2021 through end of August 2021. 


If you only wish to purchase one (1) chick, we ask you please consider at least two to three Cornish Rocks as they need flockmates but grow MUCH faster than other chick breeds and will quickly outsize them. 


**You need to be ready for your chicks prior to pick-up.** This means a brooder set-up to keep them warm, chick feed, chick waterer, feeder and bedding. We highly recommend the use of heat plates over heat lamps, for higher success with your chicks not being fried or too cold, greatly reduced fire risk and lower power consumption. Amazon and Tractor Supply both carry heat plates, we like the horizontal ones from Rent a Coop. Vertical ones are intended as coop heaters, not ideal for chick brooding.


We are not offering or including any vaccinations on these chicks.


Chicks are sold as-is. We are not a big hatchery or major retailer, once chicks are in your care they are YOUR responsibility. Our health guarantee is our care of chicks here prior to leaving to make sure they are 100%. If there is an issue, please call us immediately so we can work with you to resolve the situation. 


Sexing: They should be male, but female cornish are also edible and run the same price with us. We do not offer any discounts or refunds for mixed genders on the Cornish.



-You may cancel your pre-order any time prior to your pick-up appointment being scheduled (meaning your chicks have hatched and it's your turn for pick-up), minus $5 service fee per order (not per chick) and $10 service fee for orders $50 and over. 

-Once chick(s) have been picked up they are not eligible for refund. However, if there is an issue we encourage you to reach out immediately and we will try to help you as able.


Once any poultry have left our farm we cannot have them re-enter in order to maintain our biosecurity.


Pick-up is at our farm gate, at Mullenax Ranch, located on the EAST end of Tehachapi area, near the wind turbines. Google and the online maps have our location incorrect, we will send you detailed directions on how to find us for your pick-up appointment so your GPS doesn't send you to a different mountain. 


Any questions, please ask prior to placing your reservation order. Thank you for supporting our small farm! And THANK YOU to our happy 2020 returning chick customers!


Cornish Rock chick (male)