Maybe you lost your garden or seedlings, want a fast growing edible heirloom, or a great little gift or housewarming present to pass on to another!


How it Works:

Simply make a selection from the options below and we'll have it ready for you to pick-up during our normal hours 11am-5:30pm Mon/Wed/Sat here at the farm. Take home, water with a 'mist' setting daily in a warm sunny spot indoors (or outdoors if the weather is consistently above 50 degrees nighttime temp). When you're ready to move it into the ground or larger planter, just cut or tear off that section of the carton and put it direct in the ground and cover with some added potting soil. Voila! You've got a head start to an esthetic, easy and edible garden addition!


Cartons are made from paper pulp and add carbon to the soil. We plant seeds once you order it. These are all FAST germinating and fast growing plant selections!


ALSO INCLUDED: A tiny little serving bag of Ceritified Organic Plant Food to feed as they mature into seedlings and plants. Just a dash will do! 


Choose from:

-Tome Thumb Lettuce ~ These pint-size morsels are both super cute AND flavorful!

-Bean Borlotto di Vigevano Nano ~ A bright red and yellow bean.

-Calypso Bean ~ Basically as close to a 'yin and yang' design as you can get!

-Dragon Tongue Bean ~ Bright yellow and purple.

-Scarlet Runner Bean ~ A beautiful flowering pole bean sure to brighten any garden. 

-Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash ~ Name speaks for itself!

-Surprise Me! Mix ~ Get a mix of a few items, which may include some of our mystery beans! 


*We are Licensed with California Department of Food and Agriculture for the legal sales of our seedlings. Thank you for supporting our small farm!*




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