This is to Pre-Order (i.e., guarantee your order) of your live chick selection of Broad-breasted White Turkey chicks (straight run-no sexing) before it's made available for First-Come First-Serve to public for pick-up until we run out. These are STRAIGHT RUN and no sexing available.


We do NOT have the exact pick-up date for you yet but it will be for JUNE 2020 and we will send an e-mail to touch base and communicate at least a week out or if there's a delay for any reason. Orders will be filled in the order they were placed, with pick-up at our ranch gate by appointment. We are located on the east end of Tehachapi.


Live chicks will need to be kept warm with a brooder, heat lamp or brooder plate until they're older and ready to go outside in a sheltered area. Please get yourself prepared PRIOR to pick-up day with your chick enclosure, bedding, water and feed containers and chick feed. Broad Breasted White Turkeys are a fast goriwng commerical meat turkey, NOT a long-living heritage breed. They cannot mate and breed as a heritage breed would and are grown 3 1/2 to months on average before dressing for consumption.


Turkey chicks are fragile and not the brightest, we recommend pairing them with chicken chicks to help them figure out food and water, etc., and to expect possible mortality. They are YOUR responsibility, not ours once they are in your care.


REFUNDS: Orders are fully refundable up to 3 calendar days after placing your order, and may take up to 30 calendar days to process via PayPal. Please respect we are a small farm and cannot come out of pocket if you change your mind past this timeframe of 3 calendar days. If you have any questions please make sure to e-mail us prior to placing your order.


Turkey chicks have high risk of mortality. We do NOT offer any refunds for them once they are in your care, and are YOUR responsibilty. We reccommend pairing them with chicken chicks to help them figure out basic survival such as how to feed and water themselves.


For biosecurity, we CANNOT accept any birds back on our premises for any reason after they leave with you.

Pre-Order Broad Breasted White Turkey Chick (June order)


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