This listing is for an 8oz container of our Orange Blossom Honey from our Mullenax Ranch bee hives. This batch of honey was created by our bees while in the Orange Orchards of Lindsay, California.


Orange Blossom honey is only created by bees just once a year, making this a special crop.


Each jar includes a handcrafted clay charm in the form of a honey bee by our friend’s mom-owned small business Royaboya. Check out the matching earrings on our other listings!


Our Tehachapi flora honey will begin early July, which will be available at a lower cost than Orange Blossom. Our Tehachapi based honey will be available here at our farm, along with Dorner Family Vineyards, Moessner Farm & Cafe, and Tehachapi Natural Market as our bees produce delicious local honey from this year’s local bloom.


For photos and video of how we farm and our beekeeping practices, check out our Facebook, Instagram and our Facebook group ‘Friends of Mullenax Ranch’. We work hard to provide a high quality product for our community and are excited to bring you our first honey crop this year!

Orange Blossom Honey, 8oz