This is to pay for your selection of 'Rhode Island Red / ISA browns' hens (starting to lay eggs) - these are NOT chicks but female birds coming into adult maturity and beginning to lay eggs. These birds are available for pick-up  Monday/Wednesday/Saturday between 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (call ahead) at our farm. We are located on the east end of Tehachapi. Address & Directions is included on your Order Confirmation e-mail. Remember to call ahead for pick-up after placing your order. (661) 238-3072.


These birds are rotated on pasture out of our farm's egg-laying production flock and are available on a limited basis. Please make sure to double check your phone and e-mail is correct on your order so we can reach you regarding your pick-up. Pick-up needs to be within 3-calendar days of your payment and reservation, or your reservation may be forfeit and refunded to go to the next person as we are housing and feeding these birds in the meantime. Thank you!


These hens will need shelter and an enclosure/predator protection. Please get yourself prepared PRIOR to pick-up with your materials and set-up. Rhode Island Reds / ISA browns's are terrific egg-laying breed of chicken known on farms throughout the United States for egg production. Some genetics may be red sex link, meaning you can identify at hatching male vs female. They make excellent pets, homesteading and small farm hens and are a great addition to the family. They are docile, loving and a solid egg-laying breed. These are very good foraging/pasture birds with some common sense for aerial predators.



REFUNDS: Orders are fully refundable up to 3 calendar days after placing your order until bird is picked-up from us, and may take up to 30 calendar days to process via PayPal. Please respect we are a small farm and cannot come out of pocket if you change your mind past this timeframe of 3 calendar days. If you have any questions please make sure to e-mail us prior to placing your order.


As with any sexing, there is a margin of error and we encourage you to reach out if more than 1 out of 4 birds are found to be male, we are willing to refund HALF their purchase amount as a Courtesy but are not able to do more. We will do our best to take care of our customers as we are able.


For biosecurity, we CANNOT accept any birds back on our premises for any reason after they leave with you.

Adult - Rhode Island Red/ISA brown (starting to lay)


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