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A three-week road trip from California to Maine and back took the Mullenax duo on a honeymoon visiting ranches, zoos, prairies and national parks to learn more about the diverse practices in keeping and caring for species of interest.

Alex, attending the International Flamingo Symposium as one of three from the private aviculture community in attendance.

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Snowflake, the Office Goat and the one who started it all. Wedding ring-bearer, general assistant, Queen of the goat herd and ambassador of the ranch, Snowflake is a very busy goat. Follow her on Facebook

Live every day to your fullest, as you will never have this moment again.


We started a farm unintentionally, with just 20 acres and a fixer-upper off-grid home. I think looking back, some of our friends and family thought we were crazy moving from the city to our new rural life. Five+ years later and I can only imagine what they must think now! And they are absolutely right, as we are crazy passionate about farming and providing wholesome, sustainable alternatives to our community.

Ernie's passion for the outdoors and keeping natural spaces open and untouched was a major influence in following a holistic grazing approach for the ranch. There's always something new to learn and try with how we can pasture raise healthier, happier animals and create a permaculture system with a whole-farm approach. The goal is to create a symbiotic relationship between our farming practices and the land. What one does should be good for the other, and vice versa.

Alex thought she would be continuing her 25+ years of experience and passion for exotic birds, but soon discovered they were not a good fit for their new location. Her focus on Nigerian Dwarf Goats led to the statewide mobile goat yoga program, California Goat Yoga, servicing the state and introducing many to their first goat outside of a fair or petting zoo. The ranch is now Alex's full time job and passion, as the farm expands into other areas with slow, steady grow.

Registered American Highland Cattle are now a primary focus for the couple, in addition to their growing beehives, Red Wattle Hogs, poultry and other heritage breed animals. They are also owners and founders of Tehachapi CSA - Community Supported Agriculture, which is the direct to consumer retail source for their licensed food goods and other local participating farms with a similar approach to 'sustainable agriculture'.

Mullenax Ranch has changed and grown in many ways since its conception in 2016, finding itself both farm and ranch with a true focus on the farm and bringing high quality food, service and experiences to the community.


It's a passion and privilege to farm for our community. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

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