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Phone: (661) 238-3072


Mailing: 1121 W Valley Blvd., Ste I #156

Tehachapi, Ca. 93561

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ranch open for tours?

Not at this time, following Covid-19 we hope to open our doors. We don't know when this will be, but want to keep our family and customers both safe. The earliest we *might* see booking would be mid-June 2021, pending the Covid situation.


When is the ranch 'open' and what if no one answers my call?

As a farm we are a SEASONAL operation, and thus may not have normal office hours, product or events in the winter and early springtime like we do in the Summer. Generally Mothers Day Weekend (May) through end of September is the majority of our activities. During the off-season, please expect a longer response time for customer inquiries and service as we are not like other businesses open regular days/hours to take calls, walk-ins, etc. 

Picking Up at the Ranch

Any pick-up is by Appointment only, and needs to be made the day before at the latest so someone is available to help you. We operate by booking you an appointment time to better serve you. Please respect we've set this time aside for you and reciprocate the courtesy of being on time for your appointment. We do not offer walk-in services.

Address & Location

Our address and location is NOT available online at this time. Please note, Google and any online map source has an INCORRECT location for us. When you have an appointment to pick-up, we confirm your appointment with address and directions to accurately find us. Please note, we are on the EAST end of Tehachapi, near the wind turbines. Any other location is incorrect.

Can we come pick up poop at the ranch?

This is not a service we offer. As part of Sustainable Agriculture, we utilize and put back into the earth what we can. 

Where's the ranch's CSA?

Mullenax Ranch does not currently have a CSA but participates in Tehachapi CSA-Community Supported Agriculture. You can buy our pork, eggs, honey and other food goods at:

How long has the ranch been here?

We started in January 2016. Our goat yoga program launched May 2018 and our first food products became available to the public in 2020.

You must have an army of people working the ranch?

No, simply a husband and wife team with a lot of coffee. 

Do you offer goat yoga at the ranch?

All goat yoga information can be found at our program website:

Do you sell miniature highlands?

No, not at this time. We raise primarily Registered stock, whatever their adult height, as we care about the breed preservation and bloodlines. Please see our Highland Cattle page for more information on how to avoid scams and stunted animals.


If you have a question on an order, please e-mail us at '' and include your Order #. PLEASE make sure to reach out in a timely manner. We unfortunately can't do as much to help you if you wait multiple months to reach out on an order. With a live animal this should be within two weeks, and within 30-days on an item/product. 

Live animals and products each have their own different policies and timeline, which is outlined at time of purchase. Please make sure to view the specifics on what you are buying prior to placing your order, making an order reservation, deposit, or unsure you'll be available to pick up your animal or item within the designated timeline as mutually agreed.


After a reasonable amount of time, if you have not picked up a live animal it is considered 'abandoned' and at our discretion to figure out what to do with it. This type of situation leaves us financially responsible for your animal and is not a desirable situation for you or us and we pay out of pocket now to cover the animal(s) you committed to. For instance, on live chicks we typically only order or hatch out what we have pre-order reservations for; this will quickly put us out of business carrying a negative account to pay for orders where people don't pick up, change their mind, etc. A live animal isn't inventory we can put on a shelf for later, it takes food, care and labor every day and at times also medical. 


Customers who do not pick up their live animal, may not be allowed to place holds or reservations on live animals again in future, at our discretion. It is also at our sole discretion whether we give a future credit or partial credit. As a small family owned and operated farm and ranch, the resources are not there 24/7 year round and not all farm products are carried or continued each year.

We sincerely care about our customers and want to do what we can to do right by you. Please also do right by us, and make sure to ask any questions prior to purchase and to contact us in a timely manner on any questions you may have. 























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