A Miniature Breed of Dairy Goat

Goats can be 'easy keepers' but they have specific needs and diets. Goats are not an impulse pet, and we highly recommend starting with your first goat with as much knowledge and education you can gather prior to bringing them home. It's the difference from a healthy, happy animal or learning not enough, a little too late.

We are adding resources on the website and linking to other great authors and tools you can use to prepare for goat ownership. Before any goat leaves the ranch we want to make sure you're fully ready and prepared to have a great life together. We love our furry family members and try to do our best by them. 


Goats are escape artists which can land them in danger. Having the area fenced and ready is essential. 


Shelter from weather, sun, rain, wind and or course predators is important along with the animal's comfort.

Diet & Water

Diet is what makes or breaks an animal's long-term health and can lead to many preventable health issues.


Goats will take routine vaccines, supplements, and grooming such as trimming their hooves to keep them in tip top form.

Available Goats

All baby goats include the costs of humanely disbudding with a licensed veterinarian, vaccinations, preventative deworming and wethering (if applicable). Details may vary for older goats, see descriptions. Discount for multiples may be available. 

Wethered male goats (neutered) are not offered as Registered, as registration is mainly for breeding purposes.

Our pricing reflects our high quality, commitment as small farmers to our animals and their care, and to our continued commitment to our customers before, during and long after you buy a goat with us. A large part of being a responsible farmer and goat breeder is mentorship and setting up new goat owners for success. We care about our animals and you, and want to help the both of you thrive for a lifetime and not just the extent of a 'sale'. Thank you for choosing us when adding a furry family member!

$50 Deposit is required to hold any goat past 3-days at our discretion. Goats with deposit holds will be marked 'Pending'. Due to Covid-19, some prices may be flexible, you are welcome to contact us on a goat you're interested in. Payments prior to pick-up are OK over a 1-month term. In some instances we may be open to trades for poultry, other goats, equipment, etc., you are always welcome to reach out.

Jar Jar Binks

~3 years

"Binksy" or "Binksy Baby" as we like to call him is a total sweetheart, friendly and a lover of all. He joined us on our goat yoga treks three years running and has been a beloved family member. A distinguishing trait, he has wattles with are super cute (the little dangles on his neck).



Age being Verified

Moe is one of our top conformation goats, however we are slimming down this winter and have a few pet favorites we want room to keep. She is being sold as 'Bred' with a follow-up buck breeding (buck papers are extra) if she is in fact not pregnant. Sale includes HER registration papers, but will not include papers for any kids she gives birth to from this pregnancy/or a rebreeding with us unless you wish to pay extra.

One benefit to purchasing a Bred Doe is saving time and recouping costs through sales of their offspring/growing your herd much faster. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Due date is unknown at time of posting here online.


All our baby goats are rehomed 'disbudded' (meaning no horns will grow) and males castrated (wethered). If you'd like to purchase a male goat as an intact buck for breeding please contact us and we can direct you. Any male baby goats being kept intact will require full payment to hold and is non refundable, along with any baby goat you want to not have disbudded.


Most baby goats are disbudded at about a week old with our livestock veterinarian who does this humanely and pain-free for the babies which to us is worth every extra penny! This adds to our costs but we feel it makes a difference to the goats and their comfort. 

We have varying 'qualities' of goats and our prices vary upon gender, bloodlines, quality and conformation, registration status, and personality. We believe all our goats are special and do NOT sell for meat/food/consumption purposes. We believe our prices reflect that these are show, breeding and pet/companion animals and not a goat meat operation. Thank you!

Livestock for Sale


For all inquiries or availability please Contact Us. All animals must be purchased in-person at our ranch. A deposit may be required to hold an animal until pick-up or when it is available to leave for its new home. Buyer is responsible to verify their local laws and zoning ordinances for the keeping of any animal, or when passing state lines outside of California. Mullenax Ranch retains the right to keep any animal; with deposit refunded or applied to another available animal. 

​"Ranch tours" are not included or offered in the sale of any animal. We are a small family owned and operated ranch. The safety and security of our family and animals is our top priority, along with maintaining biosecurity integrity.


"Biosecurity" refers to safety measures meant to limit the transfer of harmful bacteria and infectious disease, which can be transferred on shoes, clothing, vehicles and tires, through other animals and more. Some diseases are deadly or may remain in the ground for decades - hence, we take a few precautions for the safety of our furry family members! Thank you for understanding.