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We're trying something new by offering the option to Pre-Order (i.e., reserve) your goods in advance to guarantee your order! This is a first for us and we appreciate your support of our small farm business during the midst of Covid-19 and your patience as we try something new. 

All items are pick-up Monday/Wednesday/Saturday 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at our gate by placing your order here and then calling ahead so your order is ready for pick-up on the schedule listed above. (661) 238-3072.


Please make sure to 'View Full Details' on any item or poultry reservation prior to placing your order. Most chicks will be Pre-Order only, and not available until the timeline in their description. All Pre-Orders are filled in the order received. Soap can be shipped for an additional charge, all other items must be picked up here.


Poultry cannot be sold to Los Angeles, Riverside or San Bernardino Counties due to VND Quarantine in those areas (See bottom of page for more information).

**Please note, due to Covid-19 hatcheries nationwide are selling out. Subsequently prices have gone up as we work to procure poultry for our customers outside our own limited hatching capability. We apologize for not being able to offer lower prices at this time but are doing our best to find healthy, quality stock at the lowest rates and also building our breeding flocks here to produce more onsite. 

Check back here often or follow us on Facebook & Instagram, and JOIN our email list where we will be updating our products and offerings as new things become available.

A quick rundown of what to expect being added soon!

*Honey - produced here in Tehachapi, on our ranch from our own bees!

*Fresh Produce - including fruit & vegetables, extra items available after CSA shares fulfilled.

*CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Shares; LIMITED Quantity; 4-week Initial Trial, open to first 10 sign-ups.

*Pastured Pork - Sold by the pound, per cut.

*Pastured broiler chicken, sold by the pound.

*Vegetable seedlings, grown here on the ranch with organic methods.

*MORE Goat Milk Soap - as we make it, we will post it! It sells FAST! Other goat milk bath & body care products in the works, too!

THANK YOU for supporting our small business and farm! We wouldn't be here without you! THANK YOU!!!!

PLEASE  NOTE: We cannot sell birds to any areas under Quarantine of Virulent Newcastle Disease (VND) until such a time the quarantine is lifted (Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino). Not only would moving birds across quarantine areas increase the possible spread and devastation of this disease putting everyone at risk within a multi-mile area who owns a single bird..but there is also a $2,500 PER BIRD fine attached to this. You can verify with CDFA or by asking a seller to furnish their 'move permit' for birds coming out of this area to make sure it's legal and the birds are safe to be moving. VND has continued long past a normal time due to the illegal and hazardous movement of birds, causing the disease to continue its spread.Thank you for helping be part of the solution by not contributing to illegal movement in a VND area.

Ethics, accountability and being responsible is very important to us. We are Licensed to sell eggs, and Licensed to sell chicks. Selling a chick requires a hatchery permit. Selling, donating or giving away eggs requires an egg handlers permit or it is against the law and subject to fine. We believe ethics and YOUR food safety is important and go to the expense and effort of following state mandated regulation. If you're buying chicks or eggs, we thank you for asking and verifying they furnish their License which makes it safe for you and raises the bar for those selling illegally to share in some of the same expenses we incur, reflected in our price point. We can't hope to match the prices of someone operating illegally but do our best to offer pricing realistic of our farm's actual expenses.

We care about our customers and their success long after a purchase, and make ourselves available to help and answer questions best we can. Thank you for choosing us when deciding on where to buy. We work hard to build an excellent product and great customer service. We do our best to mentor, having been mentored ourselves and still are (good mentors have mentors!) We hope to see our customers mentor or someday mentor too and share in the bounty and joy of farming and homesteading! 

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