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Livestock for Sale


For all inquiries or availability please Contact Us. All animals must be purchased in-person at our ranch. 

Some Details to Know

Buyer is responsible to verify their local laws and zoning ordinances for the keeping of any animal, or when passing state lines outside of California.

Mullenax Ranch retains the right to keep any animal; with deposit refunded or applied to another available animal. 

Maintaining On-farm Biosecurity

"Biosecurity" refers to safety measures meant to limit the transfer of harmful bacteria and infectious disease, which can be transferred on shoes, clothing, vehicles and tires, through other animals and more. Some diseases are deadly or may remain in the ground for decades - hence, we take a few precautions for the safety of our furry family members! Farm tours may not be offered or included as part of livestock purchases. Thank you for understanding.

Clean Bill of Health

All livestock come with our 100% health guarantee. We do not allow any animal to leave here that we do not believe to be in 100% health. After an animal leaves our care it is considered sold as-is and the Buyer is responsible for the animal's care. All buyers are welcome to make a pre-vet health exam of an animal prior to it leaving our ranch. Deposit to hold the animal is required, and veterinary exam is at Buyer's expense. Cattle handling facilities are available here onsite. If you need a veterinary referral in the area we can provide local options and their contact information. 


All livestock will have the cost of at least one (1) bale of hay or one (1) 50lb feed bag of their current diet added onto their sale to help set the buyer up for success. We recognize not everyone has purchased feed prior to pick-up, and a rapid change in diet can make your newly purchased animal sick or die. Diet changes should be a slow transition over a period of two to three WEEKS. Dietary changes should NOT be an instant switch. 

Please note, even pastured animals experience a drastic change in diet between the Seller's pasture and the Buyer's pasture. Keeping hay/feed consistent with the Seller's diet the first 7-10 days minimum without change prior to feed transition to your chosen diet can be helpful for an animal while their system adjusts. Probiotics are also recommended by many veterinarians during times of travel, stress and dietary change as being beneficial to livestock health.

Expectation of Care

If you are new to livestock or less experienced, please be open about this so we can pair you with the animal who's the best fit for your operation and know when to offer extra mentorship. If you're new or less experienced, we highly recommend purchasing a book which will answer your FAQ along the way and aid in the prevention of issues through education. Being in a 'Facebook group' is not a substitution for a solid foundation in animal care for taking care of your new animal. On our livestock pages we include information and resources as able to help you get started. 

Transport + Pick-Up

In some cases transport may be available for an additional fee, please contact for details.

All animals experience transport stress and new home stress which lowers their immune system. Diet should be kept the same during the transition period to their new home and the animal kept quiet for the first 7-10 days minimum. Diet changes should then be a slow process of 2-3 weeks. Not following these recommendations may lead to sickness, increased parasite load and or death.

All animals are expected to be picked up within TWO WEEKS of their pick-up ready date. A daily boarding fee of $10 per goat/piglet, $15 per adult pig, $20 per bovine PER DAY will be assessed after the first two weeks to cover the additional feed and care of animals not picked up. Buyer has 30 calendar days after pick-up ready date to pick up or the animal is deemed abandoned and any deposit is deemed forfeit to Mullenax Ranch.


Payments are CASH ONLY with full payment due upon pick-up.

We also accept payments prior to pick-up via cash or check. All checks must clear prior to animal's pick-up. 


A deposit may be required to hold an animal until pick-up or when it is available to leave for its new home. Deposit may be required to hold livestock past 5-days at our discretion. Animals with deposit holds will be marked 'Pending'.


Cattle: $500

Goats: $50

Hogs: $50

Our Commitment to You

Our pricing reflects our quality, commitment as small farmers to our animals and their care, and to our continued commitment to our customers before, during and long after you buy livestock with us. A large part of being a responsible farmer and heritage livestock breeder is mentorship and setting up new owners for success. We care about our animals and you, and want to help the both of you thrive for a lifetime and not just the extent of a single 'sale'. Our time and education has value, and every purchase made with our farm supports us continuing to be able to farm and offer these services for future. 

Thank you for choosing us when adding a furry family member or foundation stock to your farm, ranch or homestead!

Available Cattle

For information as well as our 'Read before you Buy' please visit our Highland Cattle page

We highly recommend having cattle handing equipment PRIOR to purchasing cattle. Handling equipment (i.e., squeeze chute) is important for when you have a sick or injured animal, intend to do AI (artificial insemination) breeding, pregnancy checks, tagging, vaccinations, worming and more. 


You need to have your infrastructure in place before you bring home livestock; this includes your fencing, how you'll move and safely handle the animal, feeder and waterer, etc. Most veterinarians will not work with your sick or injured bovine unless you have a chute for them to safely examine and treat the animal.  

Preference for selling Registered cattle will be to buyers whom already own registered highlands or are members with the American Highland Cattle Association and have cattle handling equipment. Registered cattle will have their certificates verified/updated with AHCA prior to leaving the ranch. 

Unregistered highlands are priced by value assigned to their training, temperament and conformation. We do not have information or photos of their lineage on unregistered animals, hence Registered animals have pedigrees recorded. 

Spring, Fall and on an as-needed basis we run fecals on our cattle before and after worming to verify efficacy of treatment as part of our parasite management protocols. 



Heifer - Registered AHCA

Registered with American Highland Cattle Association. Red color. Would do best on pasture, not a 'in your pocket' animal. Best friends with her mother, Rey.  Can be sold with her mother Rey for a discounted price of $8000, total of $16,000 together ($2,000 combined savings).

Date calved 3/21/2018




Cow - Registered AHCA

Registered with American Highland Cattle Association. Red color. Large, beautiful horns. Would do best on pasture, not a 'in your pocket' animal. Best friends with her daughter, Huntress.  Can be sold with her daughter for a discounted price of $8000 each, total of $16,000 together ($2,000 combined savings).

Date calved 2/29/2016

*Pictured with Huntress in the background.


Available Goats

Please see our Goats page for information on our herd and the care and keeping of goats.

Baby Goats

All baby goats include the costs of humanely disbudding with a licensed veterinarian, vaccinations, preventative deworming and wethering (if applicable). Details may vary for older goats, see descriptions. 

Adult Goats

Any time we part with an adult goat it's like losing a family member. They each have fun, sweet, quirky personalities and pet, breeding and show homes where they'll continue to be loved on are an excellent fit. 

"Bred" Female Goats

Adult female goats sold as "bred" carry our guarantee of babies, or a rebreeding with our buck. One benefit to purchasing a Bred doe is saving time and recouping costs through sales of their offspring/growing your herd much faster.

Quality Animals

 We have varying 'qualities' of goats and our prices vary upon gender, bloodlines, quality and conformation, registration status, and personality. We believe all our goats are special and do NOT sell any goats for meat/food/consumption purposes. We believe our prices reflect that these are show, breeding and pet/companion animals and not a goat meat operation. Thank you!



ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf

Merry is one of our top conformation goats, and is on the shy end of the spectrum. Very sweet temperment and very docile. Great mother and loves her babies.


download - 2020-12-28T192438_edited.jpg


Miniature Lamancha Boer cross - Buck

Archie is a real character. Sweet, funny and friendly.


Available Hogs

Please refer to our Red Wattle Hogs page for information.

When selling by individual cut of meat, ONE hog of 250-300lbs live weight grossed over $3,000 in USDA processed legal meat sales in 2021 year during harvest. Current pork prices are higher at this time as are feed costs which have doubled in our area.


It is at Buyer's discretion if they are eating, breeding or keeping as a barnyard companion.

Adult Pigs



(Please note, current piglet prices may not be updated on website, as their price increases as their age/size and feed consumption costs incurred increase).



Price is for pick up at weaning, price increases with age/size.

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