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Pasture Management Program

Holistic - Sustainable - Organic Healing & Rejuvenation

As part of our Sustainable Agriculture practices, we offer a Completely Mobile rotational grazing on multiple types of livestock suiting your needs and that of our animals. We're not a 'mow, blow & go' gardener of fire clearance service, we are so much more! When you choose us to handle your needs - be it as small as a backyard, or as big as a few hundred acres, we have the right set-up for the job.

Why we're Different:

-No Chemicals are EVER used, we're as Holistic and Organic as you get!

-Instead of only operating a machine, we combine what's needed for the job at hand lowering yours and ours carbon footprint and emissions.

-We leave the land BETTER than we found it. Over time, by using us each year or season you're going to have a healthier soil which improves land value and growing power.

-We offer seeding services too! Want a cover crop, or to reseed with a native or higher quality grass seed than the invasive ones growing? We can do that! 

By rotating our animals on new areas either daily or every few days, a few things happen:

-You're going to notice a CHANGE. Each year, things are going to be a little bit greener, a little bit healthier looking.

-Invasive species will be less and less each year.


Our approach is definitely different, because we don't just come in with goats or sheep, we take a look at what YOUR needs are and develop an approach that's unique for you. That may be grazing the goats and/or sheep first, followed by the highland cattle and then a few days later the chickens come through to eat the goodies in the cow poo and spread that manure out. If you have a area you want 'tilled' we'd add in the pigs at the end and the chickens again for a light scratching. Animals are SO good at what they do! Traditional Agriculture is monoculture, and you get your food all at one place called a grocery store and there are multiple distribution points along the way from farmer to consumer. We approach with a Polyface Farms, Sustainable Agriculture and Holistic Management style - where everything is interworking and utilizing the incredible resource animals bring to the land is an awesome thing. 

While familiar with the required fire clearance for Kern County, we want to make it clear that the service we provide DOES cover these requirements but we are not marketing our advertising our services as brush clearance for fire mitigation. This is a Pasture Management, complete care system. We carry insurance specifically for our mobile grazing services, and 

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