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It's not just about being here, it's about being a good steward of the land and preserving it for the long run. That's what we aim to do, one day, one lesson at a time.

We are an 'off-grid' family owned and operated small start-up ranch working to become self sustainable in a changing world. Miniature dairy goats, llamas, birds, cats, dogs, heritage chickens, ducks, turkeys, and more call the ranch home.


We're working to offer a variety of products and self made resources in hopes of creating and fostering a better appreciation for where food comes from and the environment with which we are all connected. We are an active part of the 'farm to fork' movement and sell direct to the public and vendors throughout Southern California.

Located in the mountainous community of Tehachapi, California,  West of Mojave and East of Bakersfield, Mullenax Ranch makes its home among the micro-climate of hills and wind turbines. 

The growing need for self sufficiency and higher food production in a changing world fuels the passion of our family and small ranch. We love how many people are coming on board with homesteading and helping build connections from urban consumer to farm and ranch. The more the merrier! After all, we're all in this together.


For 2019, please see our FOR SALE page for livestock information, and sub-pages to shop licensed nursery goods (available seasonally at local Farmers Markets) and other products we currently offer (check back as it's always changing).


For goat brush clearance inquiries and goat yoga, please visit the GOATS page!

**We are not currently open for tours, join our Contact List for opportunities and events as they become available, thank you!**


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